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Kinesiology started with Chinese medicine, chiropractic, learning psychology, nutrition, and brain research and development. 


They found that they were able to use muscle testing to identify stress in the brain that disrupts the neuro pathways in the brain and in the body.

Heart and Mind Alignment is only done through virtual sessions.
Heart and Mind Alignment uses Kinesiology to treat PSTD

With simple positions, we are able to align the neuro pathways in the brain and the body, to redirect any unwanted reactions, overactive thinking, or behaviors so that they are more positive and supportive.


With muscle testing, we can bypass the conscious mind and access the exact location of the trauma or stress in the subconscious mind and align the neuropathway safely, permanently. 


You will be able to feel the changes taking place and you will see that you have the power to change your mind.

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