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Unlocking Your Body’s Secret Truth Detector

Learn how to use our unique kinesthetic technique to help you make better decisions when you’re feeling nervous, anxious, or stressed


I’m so glad you found your way to Heart & Mind Alignment Clinic! 


Because I have some exciting news that will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine.


Research from the cutting edge of psychology, biology, and applied as well as energy kinesiology proves it is now possible to release any negative trauma-induced effects by using these methodologies on the subconscious mind. 


And Neuroscience testing has now confirmed that the changes brought about by these techniques are effective, efficient and long lasting.

So why is this good news for you, you might ask. Well, it scientifically proves that the video you’re about to download and the technique I will teach you WORKS!

Did you know that the physical body can’t lie?

Your mind is like a supercomputer. It’s processing millions of data points from all the five senses, every second of every day. Your brain then uses all that information to help you move through the world and then stores all of that information in your subconscious.

So yes, when you lie, there is a subtle signal that is sent from the brain to the muscles letting them know that you’re not speaking the truth.

The FREE video you’re about to download will instruct you on the proper kinesthetic technique so you can learn how to activate your internal “truth detector”.

You’ll be able to access the subtle signals from your brain to your advantage - to help you make decisions more easily on a day to day basis.


Hi, my name is Kelly, the founder of the Heart & Mind Alignment Clinic and trauma release specialist.


Seven years ago, I immersed myself in learning, training and practicing all the different healing modalities that I thought would help me. 


Because, like you, I was suffering and totally unhappy. I wanted and needed help. 

However, it wasn’t until I developed my own technique from a combination of methodologies that I found the one that actually worked for me. 


Since then, I have become passionate about helping anyone who is suffering from trauma based emotional distress including flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares and all the various, negative loops that repeat non-stop in your mind.

My mission is to help make your healing journey fast and painless.

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This video will teach you the technique that will allow you to get access to the part of you that knows every little detail about you.

You will learn the technique that will allow you to interact with the part of your brain that is running all your autopilot responses so you can navigate life with more ease and grace.

It will enable you to get the advice you’re searching for without the interference of the negative voice you always hear in the background

You will learn how to harness the superpowers of your subconscious mind so you can get more enjoyment out of life!!

By using this process, you’ll be able to verify if the decisions you are making are ones that will support you.

I would be happy to help you neutralize all those things that are causing you pain, but the first step is for you to download this FREE Training Video and begin your journey to healing.


Leave the old way of life behind and start living life on your own terms.


Why keep suffering when there is a fast, effective and successful way to stop it all? 


I look forward to actually meeting you, so until then, I hope you have fun with this!


Once you’ve learned the technique so that you know the difference between a “yes” from a “no” response, why not try:


“I should do a session with the Heart & Mind Alignment Clinic.”

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After years of holding in many traumatic issues that have happened to me since childhood, my temperament was not something I was proud of. I had lots of anger, hurt, frustrations, anxiety, sadness, depression, and had a hard time coping with day-to-day issues. 


After meeting with Kelly, my life has changed! I am finally happy, my mind is clear and I feel at peace with myself.


I can now look back and not stress out or get sad and all I do now is, look forward to tomorrow with a smile.  I still have the occasional bad day but when that happens, Kelly has provided me with the necessary tools to "re-align myself".  I could not thank her enough and recommend her to everyone!

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