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Hi, my name is Kelly, the founder of the Heart & Mind Alignment Clinic and trauma release specialist.


Seven years ago, I immersed myself in learning, training and practicing all the different healing modalities that I thought would help me. 


Because, like you, I was suffering and totally unhappy. I wanted and needed help. 

However, it wasn’t until I developed my own technique from a combination of methodologies that I found the one that actually worked for me. 


Since then, I have become passionate about helping anyone who is suffering from trauma based emotional distress including flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares and all the various, negative loops that repeat non-stop in your mind.

My mission is to help make your healing journey fast and painless.



After years of holding in many traumatic issues that have happened to me since childhood, my temperament was not something I was proud of. I had lots of anger, hurt, frustrations, anxiety, sadness, depression, and had a hard time coping with day-to-day issues. 


After meeting with Kelly, my life has changed! I am finally happy, my mind is clear and I feel at peace with myself.


I can now look back and not stress out or get sad and all I do now is, look forward to tomorrow with a smile.  I still have the occasional bad day but when that happens, Kelly has provided me with the necessary tools to "re-align myself".  I could not thank her enough and recommend her to everyone!

Enter to win a Complete Alignment Package to release a lifetime's worth of emotional baggage.

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